Follow Our Plans For The Future

🔶Updating sites

🌐Official website







💡(YouTube, Twitter events, Telegram, sites, advertising billboards, and etc)

🔶FWC liquidity

💠Add liquidity

💠Add liquidity ETH & SOL

🔶Airdrops And Gifts

🔮FWCbrain contest, sites, social medias, Popular events


✨Dex, Cex and wallets

🔶Collection of NFTs

🧩FWC Collection development 🧩NFT Marketplace public testing 🧩NFT contest 🧩NFT presale launch 🧩NFT staking

🔶FWC perpaid cards


🏆Surprise boxes

🔶Burn Event

🔶FWClub Magazine Editoins

🔶Participants & Donation

🤝Famous people, Donation charities and environment

🔶Whitepaper update V3.0

🔶Fwc the Metaverse