Frequently asked questions

🚨What is the total supply of FWC tokens?

The total supply of FWC tokens is 200 quadrillion (200,000,000,000,000,000).

🚨How many exchanges is FWC listed on?

FWC is listed on more than 35 decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges.

🚨What are some of the real-world applications of the $FWC token?

The $FWC token can be used to purchase club tickets, book hotels, buy gift cards, utilize vending machines (POS machines), and participate in lotteries.

🚨What distinguishes FWC's launch from other cryptocurrency projects?

FWC was fairly launched, meaning there was no presale or any kind of funding campaign and zero taxes. and zero taxes.

🚨What future plans has the FWC team announced?

The FWC team has announced plans for NFT releases and the development of metaverse games.

🚨Why is the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) chosen as the platform for FWC?

BSC offers fast and inexpensive transactions, making it ideal for building a token economy. Additionally, it hosts numerous innovative projects and boasts an active user community.

🚨What is the vision behind FWC's community-driven approach?

FWC aims to empower its community members by decentralizing power and fostering engagement across various backgrounds and expertise.

🚨How has FWC established itself as a brand in the sports development and community-building space?

Despite its origins as a meme-inspired project, FWC has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to sports development and grassroots community building.

🚨What role does FWC envision playing in the metaverse?

FWC aims to integrate into the metaverse, offering immersive experiences and innovative applications that bridge the worlds of football and cryptocurrency.

🚨What is the significance of AI in FWC's future goals?

AI is seen as a key enabler for enhancing fan experiences, optimizing player performance, and exploring new frontiers in the intersection of football and crypto within the metaverse.

🚨How does FWC ensure transparency and fairness in its operations?

FWC's fair launch approach and community-driven governance model ensure transparency and fairness in its operations.

🚨What role do volunteers play in FWC's development?

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds contribute to FWC's growth, offering expertise in areas such as graphic design, web development, marketing, and data analysis.

🚨Can you explain FWC's utility beyond speculative trading?

FWC token holders can use $FWC for practical purposes such as purchasing club tickets, booking hotels, and participating in lotteries, adding real-world utility to the token.

🚨How does FWC plan to leverage NFTs in its ecosystem?

FWC intends to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enable unique digital ownership experiences and expand its ecosystem.

🚨What are the benefits of being listed on both DEX and CEX exchanges for FWC?

Listing on both DEX and CEX exchanges provides FWC with increased liquidity and accessibility to a broader range of investors and traders.

🚨How does FWC plan to stay relevant and competitive in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape?

FWC's focus on innovation, community engagement, and integration into emerging technologies such as the metaverse ensures its relevance and competitiveness.

🚨Can you elaborate on FWC's plans for developing metaverse games?

FWC aims to create immersive gaming experiences within the metaverse, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance fan engagement and interaction.

🚨What measures does FWC take to ensure the security of its token holders' assets?

FWC implements robust security protocols and audits to safeguard token holders' assets and prevent potential vulnerabilities.

🚨How does FWC plan to expand its global reach and community engagement efforts?

FWC actively seeks partnerships and collaborations to expand its global presence and engage with football enthusiasts worldwide.

🚨What is FWC's long-term vision for the intersection of football, cryptocurrency, and AI?

FWC envisions becoming a pioneering force at the intersection of football, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence, leveraging technology to revolutionize fan experiences and player performance analysis.